About Us

Business Catalysts Nigeria Limited

Business Catalysts Nigeria Limited (Business Catalysts) is a Business Development, Investment Advisory and Training Company offering professional services to various clients across different industry groups and sectors of the economy. The Company is made up of a group of experienced professionals in  the areas of business development, finance, management and training.

Our pool of highly skilled and experienced professionals ensures that tasks and projects meet its agreed objectives within limits such as commercial, budgetary and time requirements. We believe that there are no limits to what one can achieve and that every one can be whatever they want to be if they work hard at it.


Our vision is to be the premier financial advisory firm in Nigeria offering value added service to young and growing businesses.

We hope to achieve this by unlocking latent potentials and creating value for our clients and stakeholders by creating and developing sustainable businesses.


Our mission is twofold:

  • To create value for our clients and stakeholders by unlocking latent potentials, creating and developing sustainable businesses through our bespoke Business development, Investment and Financial advisory services; and
  • To mobilize finance and partner with entrepreneurs /business managers, in order to create jobs, enhance income potentials and create value and returns for investors.

With our highly skilled workforce, we make dreams come true when potentials are unlocked, dream projects are realized and investors get value for their investments.

Core Values

We are driven by our core values of Professionalism, Integrity, Partnership, Transparency and Excellent Service Delivery.

In all that we do:

  • We share in your dreams and passions and show the highest level of COMMITMENT knowing fully that your success is ours;
  • We are OPEN and HONEST in our communications; and
  • We ACT in line with our promise, knowing fully that trust can only be earned when we do what we promise.